April Showers, May Flowers, Prints, and Bold Fashions

April Showers, May Flowers, Prints, and Bold Fashions

Happy May Qute Gyals, 

We have braved the rainstorms of April and of life. The obstacles that tried to block destiny have been washed away. We have overcome the things that kept us stuck in neverending cycles. Will we face new obstacles? Yes, of course. That’s part of life. But now it’s our time to bloom! Showing up is no longer just an option. It is an absolute requirement for the Quintessential Woman!

We have found so many beautiful outfits to help you show up even more beautifully this season.


Bold and Beautiful

Babyyyy, when you walk through, your boldness will be witnessed and documented. Memorable moments shall be your portion in these bold and lovely prints and unconventional silhouettes.




Krimped Top


Color Pop Maxi Dress


Shop the Too Hawt Suit here

Shop the Krimped Top here

Shop the Color Pop Maxi Dress here


Gorgeous Florals

Prissy Gyal Dress

Prissy girls wear florals. They wear whatever they like!

Shop the Prissy Gyal Dress here


The Sparkle Factor x Bold Prints


Soft life is nice. But who said soft life wasn’t edgy and sparkly? This piece is the proper blend of femininity and boldness. Yes, ladies, we can be both! Where might you wear this? Let us know. Or send us your pics when you do! We love to see your spin.

 Shop the Bralette Leotard here.

Camo pants are sold out.


All White Everything

All white is not just reserved for summer affairs anymore. There’s no need to wait until after Memorial Day to wear it. Fashion moves by your rules now. Does it fit well? Do you feel empowered, emboldened, and beautiful? Then go!


Handle Me Jumpsuit

Snow White Blazer

Boss Babe Suit


Shop Handle Me Jumpsuit here

Shop Snow White Blazer here

Shop Boss Babe Suit here


By now, I hope you have picked up on the emphasis on being bold in this season. You don’t have to be loud or boisterous.  Bold doesn’t mean being that at all. Bold means being unafraid to make an impact in the places where you have influence via your voice, experience, and style.

Camo print dress

Sasha Fierce Pants


We have a major haul on our NEW ARRIVALS page. Shop Camo, Black on Black Looks, Vegan Leather, Metallics, and More Gorgeous Prints here.

May is just the beginning of your bloom season, QuteGyal. Let’s do this together.



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