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The Myth of Protective Hairstyles

There is this idea that wigs and braids can protect our hair from whatever dangers may come its way. But wigs and braids are options for temporary styles. They are not protective in any way. Truth be told, some braids and weaves cause tension on the scalp that lead to hair loss and some wigs cause hair loss, especially at the edges.  

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A Quintessential Tour

April showers bring May flowers. But these flowers are different! The showers from April were blessings that took me on tour. I’m serious, I was literally traveling like a ROCKSTAR and missing home.  Georgia My April started off in Atlanta, Georgia where I had the pleasure of being Lead Hairstylist on the set of Wild N Out. I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years only and updates my resume every century. This was a huge deal, It’s not often that I have to apply for work. However the timing couldn't have been more perfect. After I was hired and boostered up I was on another journey of being on set while we were closed for renovations. (before pics) New beginnings...

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Quintessential Travel: The Magic Show, Las Vegas

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I’m telling it all.     I took a trip to the Magic Fashion Trade Show in Las Vegas and I have to tell you it was exactly what you hope for when you enjoy a love of all things fashion. Many of you don’t know that it has always been a childhood dream to get into fashion. I talk about it a lot more here. And since those dreams have been manifesting from my prayers that I made to God and the work that I put into it, traveling and being at the Magic Show was exhilarating.   Let’s start with day one!   We checked in at the Palazzo...

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