Upcoming Announcements…

Upcoming Announcements…


I have officially relocated!

I am so excited to get started with my new career as I relocate to Texas, of all places!

What I wish I had known before relocating …

One of the most asked questions I get is...

"I'm considering relocating, what should I do??" 


Here are 6 things I recommend first
6 more to follow … stay tuned in
Dm with more questions!

Special THANKS for the kind reviews on Amazon!

Reading the reviews on Amazon had me in tears!
I truly appreciate every kind words of encouragement.


Link to Book!


Broadcast Channel!  

Also, please be sure to check out my Broadcast Channel on Instagram: 365 Days of believing Bigger than God!


Follow the link below to join!

365 days of believing Bigger than God, Broadcast Channel!


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