Floral 2pcs set wide leg pant and sheer buttoned down top

Going green for 7days


After I took these last pictures and trying on some new arrivals, I realized that I’ve gain a couple of extra pounds. Ladies summer is here and weight gain is the last thing we want if we are already struggling with it. 

So today I decided to go on a green diet, to shed a the weight and mentally prepare for my next season in life. As I’m approaching a big birthday. I’ve heard turning 👀 fifty is where life gets better and women get fatter. I’m not ready for the fatter only the better version of myself.  

Today I had a salad with mangoes, strawberries, blueberries and lots of kale, sounds yummy or nah? It was filling however I wanted a glass of wine with that. I’m here for it committed to looking good and feeling good. Hello June and goodbye thicker than a snicker. Stay tuned in as the journey continues. Day 1 down and 6 more to go. Looking forward to renewing inside and out. 

check out my last photo shoot thicker 

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