Quintessential Travel: The Magic Show, Las Vegas

Quintessential Travel: The Magic Show, Las Vegas

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I’m telling it all.



I took a trip to the Magic Fashion Trade Show in Las Vegas and I have to tell you it was exactly what you hope for when you enjoy a love of all things fashion. Many of you don’t know that it has always been a childhood dream to get into fashion. I talk about it a lot more here. And since those dreams have been manifesting from my prayers that I made to God and the work that I put into it, traveling and being at the Magic Show was exhilarating.


Let’s start with day one!


We checked in at the Palazzo Venetian suite which had a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. That was another moment of saying, “This can be nothing but God.” No person could have carved out that kind of beauty in nature. And only God could have brought me to Vegas for a business opportunity at the last minute and made it (and the view) so amazing.



We showered from our six-hour flight. I put on my favorite statement joggers and crop jacket to hit the Las Vegas Convention Center where the Magic Show was happening. I was prepared; dressed comfy, yet trendy with business cards ready. The Magic Show was packed with visitors from all over. Everyone on the same agenda: Business (and fashion) as usual.



IYDK, the Magic Show is a premier trade show for the latest fashion trends. It is packed with all kinds of designers and vendors that showcase clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, sleepwear, and well, everything fashion. There are buyers from department stores, boutique owners, and influencers walking around trying to find the next new wave to share with you.


Not knowing how massive the new convention center was, we walked for what seemed like miles before getting to the entrance and registration desk. Travel tip: Get a map of the parking facility and the convention center. Find out if there are shuttles from the lot to the venue. You want to position yourself to make the most of your time. Also, wear comfortable, but QUTE shoes.


On that first day, we walked and chatted for hours only seeing half the vendors and eating all the free chocolate. Did I mention it was Valentine’s Day? Yes, I was out doing business even on the holiday for lovers. But he was with me, so that counts, right? When the show ended at 6 pm, it was followed up with a live performance by Salt and Pepa. Working hard and playing hard is good! To be honest, even though the show was great, I couldn’t wait to have a good meal with my man and get dressed up again.


I was definitely hungry and excited for our dinner date. I decided to wear a pink metallic bodysuit, something wrinkle-free and easy to put on so we could hurry to our 8:30 pm reservation.



At Morton’s Steakhouse, it was good company and fine dining. It was a quintessential experience. (food pic) As the night went along, I realized I’d been up for 24hrs. It was time for bed. I needed to be up early to be at the show to see the latest summer trends and fall collections.


Day 2



We got an early start. Being in any atmosphere to learn and expand my knowledge is always exciting for me. So the early morning didn’t bother me at all. Day 2 was just as fulfilling. I met new vendors and chatted with old vendors. As I strolled the aisles sporting Shop Quintessential wear, I got so many compliments, which only affirmed my sense of style. I was doing something right! Somebody, teach me how to monetize my looks. Anyway, this day was exhausting. By 6 pm, I was ready to shower and be in bed. I was not up to seeing the bright lights of Vegas except for what I could see from my room. All I could think is, God is good. And so is rest.


Day 3

After a full night’s rest, it was time to pack up and go. There was no show today. We could have extended the stay to do some sightseeing, but this part of my business was done so it was time to get back to the daily grind. Unlike the name of the show, success doesn’t happen by magic, it happens by using time wisely. I took my time to get dressed. We were headed to the airport so comfy/QUTE was the fashion agenda of the day.




It was a short but accomplished trip indeed. Because it was a last-minute trip, I think I learned most to be prepared. You just never know what opportunities lie ahead.


Business tip: Order business cards. Today. Even if they only have your name and phone number and social media brand handles. Thank me later.


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