The Myth of Protective Hairstyles

The Myth of Protective Hairstyles


I have something to share. Aside from protecting your hair from too much heat, there is really no such thing as a protective hairstyle.

Hear me out.

There is this idea that wigs and braids can protect our hair from whatever dangers may come its way. But wigs and braids are options for temporary styles. They are not protective in any way. Truth be told, some braids and weaves cause tension on the scalp that lead to hair loss and some wigs cause hair loss, especially at the edges. Here’s the thing:

Protective styling begins with healthy hair.

So if you want to have healthy hair, here are THREE key ways to do that

Wash Your Hair and Dry Properly

Because the hair grows from the scalp, having healthy hair begins with a clean scalp. That means shampooing and conditioning the hair regularly. How you dry your hair is also a part of having healthy hair. Excessive heat is a no-no. Being too rough with the towel is another.

For shampooing and conditioning, we recommend H2Pro Black Diamond HEALING SHAMPOO available HERE and HEALING CONDITIONER available HERE.


For hair drying and styling we recommend H2Pro HEALING BLOW-OUT SERUM available HERE.


Get a Trim

Your hair is like a plant that needs water, sunlight, and trimming. The trimming gets rid of split ends which occur at the very ends of your hair. Having split ends is like having one of your braids come loose and continue to unravel. Except there is no way to rebraid once the hair splits. Trimming the hair allows it to grow to its full capacity.

Drink Water and Wear Your Bonnet to Bed

After a trim, the length of your hair is maintained by a routine which usually promotes growth depending on your DNA. A part of that routine is to drink lots of water. Other than a healthy diet, genetics and proper maintenance, there is no protective style that is going to help your hair grow. There is no miracle formula. Instead, your routine of drinking water, washing and conditioning, moisturizing your scalp and wearing your bonnet to prevent breakage at night is about as protective as it goes. Even with all these things in place, it is important to know that it’s okay to see hair in your comb or brush, hair needs to shed.

For moisture, we recommend HEALING BUTTER SHINE available HERE.

Now, go get into your new hair maintenance routine.

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