live in the moment, to enjoy being present. I refused to think about my past relationship or

where the relationship with my new guy may go. I decided to focus on enjoying the time we

spend together, living in and traveling NYC and the world at large.

My guy loves me with my quirks and go-getting attitude which sometimes means I think too

much about the future at times. He puts a smile on my face whenever I allow myself to be free

from the things that try to keep me from living in the present. He’s full of life and loves the finer

things. As a bonus, we also share a love of fashion. We enjoy the adventurous life we’ve been

building together. And we love to do it dressed up.

I want to mention that with my immigration issues, I was denied access to the world. (Read

more about that here.) Now that I have a green card and a passport I’m traveling wherever God

wants me to go. I’ve discovered that life is filled with so many cultures, food, and languages.

I want to share what I discover with you.

Btw I had it on my vision board and didn’t think it was possible at this time. However, I serve an

amazing God who knew I need clarity and a place where I can seek him quietly.

My first share is a relaxing yet sexy 4-day getaway to Tulum, Mexico.

We landed at Cancun International Airport where we took a short ride to the 5-star Pyramid at

Grand Oasis All-Inclusive Resort for our first night.

Our VIP room on the waterfront was amazing. We had front row seats to the song of the waves

roaring and the white sand and palm trees.

The family-friendly resort had 14 restaurants and 8 pools. The hotel event concierge was

available to book off-property excursions. Due to covid, everything was closed by 10 pm except

the cute casino which served cocktails and conversations. Which was perfect for one night. It

was good to recharge and get ready for an adventure in Tulum.

The 2-hour cab ride from Cancun carried us down roads lined with a mix of resorts. The

grandiose main entrances were enough to pique my interest for future visits. An added comfort

for a traveler was the presence of armed forces for our safety.

We arrived at Hotel Bardo in an exclusive area. Checking in was as per usual. My anticipation

grew to see our villa. As we followed our host through a candle-lit pathway to our room I was in

such awe at the well curated outdoor living tranquility at last. Finally, we arrived! Our host gave

us a tour of the cute Bohemian decor and I was overcome with the feeling of peace and joy.

The room was just as beautiful as it appeared online. However, it’s definitely hard to share the

ambiance of sage, incense, and wood-burning calming essence. Great to reconnect with your

spirituality and oneself.

Being in Tulum has such a rustic vibe. The raw unpaved roads, huts, and carpentry details gave

me life. I could not get enough of the details crafted into the boutique hotels or the intricacies of

the decor of the 5-star restaurants and shops.

During the daytime, we enjoyed the beach clubs with everything from DJs, bottle service,

hookahs, and small plates to the wet and wild vibrations of everyone living it up, splurging, and

celebrating life. Our days usually start out poolside, followed by long strolls around the property

then a beach club watching the sunset to candlelight walk to our private villa. I enjoyed the

place but I enjoyed the company better. That time being present was priceless.

At night, along the strip, there are bars filled with music of every genre appealing to party-goers.

Then there are other tourists looking for a picturesque place to take Instagram photos or a good

tequila time, it is Mexico. Everyone is there to experience the thrill of a great night out or tour.

Our 3-night stay was filled with fine dining at Tantra Tulum, Taboo Tulum, and Hotel Bardo.

Dining out can quickly add up with drinks, taking in all the scenery, especially for us who enjoy

good music and conversation. We’d end up at Mambo Tulum to continue the night with dancing and more nightlife.

We easily spent between $300-$500 a night.

I still have a long list of places to visit, but Tulum was definitely one of my favorite places to visit.

It’s an adventure which I definitely recommend with a tour of the ruins, beaches for tanning or

swimming in the caves, and 4×4 ATV tours.


Living in the present allows me to create memories that I would have missed.


Until Next Time,

Petagaye, The Quintessential Traveler


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